Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chatity South Africa: Chastity is but sanity

(Chastity South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

With the manner in which the human mind is structured, and the dangers of anything sexually but for valid, loving marriage: and statistics of disease, abortion, crime, violence, economic problems and so forth, we at Chastity South Africa: would like to encourage our readers with this: Chastity is sanity: it saves the body, it saves the self, and what we call the soul. Remain chaste, it is worth it, besides: you get allot of attention, and fun debates when being publicly such!

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Americas Abortion News- Insurance must pay up to help abortion, all restrictions to be lifted, state to fund genocide against unborn- This is the change Obama, who voted for allowing infanticide in failed abortions- Promised quite publically

(Social justice South Africa; How Catholics Should Vote in South Africa: Scripturelink Voters Guide; Chastity South Africa; c.f. EWTN News 07/11/08; CNS "blog" 07/11/08; CBCP News (Philippines Catholic Bishops) 07/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The man who voted for infanticide and broke promises, but not those about introducing shocking abortion legislation has done it again. Barak Hussein Obama has done something even Saddam Hussein may have bulked at- he has promised to lift all limits on abortion, use American Tax Dollars to fund it, and is to enforce the allowance of legislation to forcibly cover abortive pills on insurance, and add even more money towards sex education in schools. Abortion firm Planned Parenthood was the recipient of many of these promises, and will welcome them gladly, as they already are permitted to teach sex education in schools.

""The winning presidential candidate ran on a nebulous platform of 'change,' but 40 Days for Life provides something far more powerful - hope. Hope demonstrates that, with God's help, hundreds of lives can be spared from death by abortion. This fall, a political battle was lost," said Bereit, "but hundreds of lives were won. I am convinced that those victories will have far greater impact.""(EWTN News 07/11/08)

Most of Obama's votes are interesting. He got a record number of votes in Catholic states, despite the automatic excommunication (Canon 1398 of canon law c.f. Latae Sententiae) against any Catholic who supports abortion- including via voting, forbidding any participation in sacraments or sacramentals. With the new restrictions against conscience, Catholics will probably have to object in some form, even by helping anti-abortion campaigns- so as to not partake in the sin and excommunication as a collaborator.

Abortion fits an enacted legislative definition of Genocide according to the United Nations definition (Article 2 letter d).

40 days for life saved 540 babies from being killed in their last campaign and plan a next session on 25th February next year. One area where activists are opening a center- has more abortion facilities than those to actually give birth to children- this as world population rates are already declining under disease and lowering birth rates. The dangers of globally declining populations are not only seen in areas like Europe, where foreign populations are slowly filling the gaps, and cultures are mixing and being destroyed, but also in retirement plans, and in skills shortages and other terrible problems.

The American President-Elect, Barack Hussein Obama, who has no heritage of slavery,was brought up in Asia, not America, or Africa- and is quite literally African-American, (i.e. half white half Kenyan), also has apparently pledged to appoint pro-abortion supreme court judges in America, and to prevent individual states from preventing abortion, via waiting periods, or parental consent. Americans, like some early bloomers in BEE, have chosen a foreigner to fulfill their race conscious requirements, with many in the "Civil Rights" movement, who fought so hard to prevent discrimination against their own hides- openly supporting the man.

While commentary in the Southern Cross will this week join the secular press in hailing the first "African-American" president in America, even saying that the world will no longer hate them, truly- the populace of the Nation has gained friendship with the world, but at the cost of friendship with God. 50 million children, in America alone- have been unceremoniously, in a battle taking under five minutes, unless they are a bit larger- violently plucked from the womb in the country, and abstinence programs of sex education are at great risk. Only about 10 million Jewish people died in another campaign we may call a genocide- this is about five times the amount- 500% greater an afront, with about 4 to five thousand murders of fetuses, every day.

Barack Hussein Obama promised change- he had next to no experience to give it, and it seems the majority change he has introduced is to attempt to entirely conquer the field of abortion for his profit-making supporters.

America joins South Africa, and a select group of nations- in taking the choice to support life away from the conscientious objector. The real "pro-choice" vote should have been against the movement so well known for their support of killing those who are still unable to voice a protest.

When groups of humanity are treated as less than human, that is when alarm bells should be ringing. Speaking up is important, especially in self preservation, perhaps this poem from a bygone era will speak of this better than us:

"Als die Nazis die Kommunisten holten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Kommunist.
Als sie die Sozialdemokraten einsperrten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Sozialdemokrat.
Als sie die Gewerkschafter holten,
habe ich nicht protestiert;
ich war ja kein Gewerkschafter.
Als sie die Juden holten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Jude.
Als sie mich holten,
gab es keinen mehr, der protestieren konnte."

Translated as:

""In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up.""

Or more directly:

"When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.
When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.
When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.
When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I was not a Jew.
When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out."

I am not implying any connection between the American Democratic Party, and the Nazis, what I am saying is that as Catholics we believe abortion to be murder, and as Catholics we know that a Genocide is when conditions are created to allow the destruction of a group of society. If all ten year olds were to be allowed to be killed, it would be genocide. When Herod killed all children under two years, it was a genocide. And when one reduces births in a population in order to destroy part of all of a group- one is committing genocide according to the United Nations Definition.

Silence helps the oppressor, not the oppressed! please see the articles in Scripturelink Voters guide about the positions of South African parties on abortion and gay marriage, and the other 5 so-called non-negotiables for Catholics obedient to the papacy.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Chastity South Africa- The small freedom I guarentee you, that which we die for, and give our life to

(Chastity South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I am walking in the thick snow, by the edge of movement. I look up, seeing a small red bird, and am wondering at the soul of it. Perhaps I tossed and turned, I do not know, all I remember is what I describe, and perhaps more- but not the context. The bird made small noises and I truly wondered- are you aeviternal? I did not know what aeviternal meant, but still I wondered- at the concept I did not comprehend as yet... nor did I use the blessed word aeviternal for it, something more like fully alive!

I looked to the side, the snow was moving, there was an avalanche of sorts, I guess. I walked towards it, I was on the top of the mountain now, and I took something sparkling, something shining, like a fire perhaps from the cold snow. It was golden in form, though not too cold or dead, I think, it was a secret.

I would have awoken and written a poem in my diary about the experience, or perhaps I was awake, and the idea simply entered my mind, a scary idea- of being there on that mountain- simply surrounded in chaos, in death, and diving deep into it to save something important, and leaving once I had.

The golden piece was a woman's soul, that was the meaning, and I was sent there- to the danger to save her, or so I had thought when contemplating the odd poetic thought.

We have a task in our world, and when we achieve it, or fail- we are to turn into dust and fly upon the wind until we come to face the truth,with pain or joy, or any sort of reacting.

We save our fellows physically, but also with more than this. True freedom is freedom to be our deepest being, to become what we truly are. What we truly are is never evil- that is what we think we are, and what we think we are desires to imprison who we are. We think to quickly that we hate, or desire evil on others, or to do wrong. Our evil shadow does, and we sin by treating this as ours- and that is why we confess our sins, but every sin is self delusion, every sin is a lie, and malicious lies even the smallest destroy all things.

So, Jesus came into our world to undo the Devil's work, not God's law, not morality, not the power of the conscience of the soul- no- he came not to change the requirements of salvation- but to save us from his enemy- to slavery to thoughts, and desires- we only think falsely as our own.

When I truly gained self control- it was by seeing sin as foreign to my self.

I also need the sacrament, and to realize the choice is mine- and the power so strongly desiring evil- it is not the devil- but me allowing my desires to misfire, and believing something is my desire when it is not. This is where faith saves us- where realization of true, whole reality- and this is what faith is- saves.

We are to calm our souls- and undress our pride to around our knees. We are to lower our souls, and step back from our body, and feel calmness within- we are to notice our emotions, but detach from them, and hear them as voices- as guides, advisors, and competitors, and with each, call it aside like a pet sparrow. We must hold it on our hand and speak to it, and ask who it is, and who its parents are- until we realize our true desire. When one realizes the true desire, beyond the good or evil form- one can choose how to manifest it, and we may only sanely choose what is good- least we fool ourselves. We must focus on the source of our desire. It is something in reality- something we want or do not want, some warning, or some chilling fearful realization. Emotions are like intuition, they tell us about ourselves, and how we read what is.

Jesus came to cause us life forever- and life to the fullness- not in events- but in who we stand to be and become- not in appearances, but in our depths, and aching organs. By prayer, belief, trust, obedience, and by philosophy (the literal meaning of this), the love of truth- we shall find right.

Philosophy is the seeking of the source of things, so that we can admit their source. Theology and philosophy are not one, but in the virtue of self control- seeing what our source emotion is, our real situation- that below the misfiring- we can concentrate on it, and strengthen it- breaking the icy stranglehold of the chains of slavery to sin- simply by inflating the righteous desire we truly feel- which evil has stolen, hijacked and twisted.

Like a beast loosed on the town, with something tied to it to cause it panic- evil loves to look at our weaknesses, the desires we keep under- the righteous ones below the evil the manifest- and to set these into a slight spinning of tissue- so that we fall vastly out of control- like a wild black horse rampaging through a small desert town.

Such a beast desires comfort, but to it- it thinks it desires to throw off the thing holding it, or else- that it hates those it sees, as it causes damage, like in madness.

Truly, to conquer the sin beneath, at the source- and to throw the soul into balance, by admitting our true desires, and believing them- we in fact calmly stop rampaging, and can logically remove what captivates us. Like the horse we need help, not from people who would use us to slave for their tasks, but from one who values our freedom, but more than that our sanity, without which freedom is worthless, and without morals, we are not in perfect sanity.

Our source of freedom, is like a fence the horse goes to in the end, where a young boy quietly frees his and sends him off. Our freedom is in seeking the true, deepest source of our desires, and then also in the salvation wrought by the sacrament, and by the church which helps solidify our efforts, and truly puts our soul (our current aeviternal form, which is like the battery, and animator of our every essence of being, flesh, blood, and living part) right, even as we are more than encouraged to fix our body, which includes our mind.

We are more than conquerers, when fighting evil with truth, and goodwill, we are soldiers, centurions, with a clear avatar, and emblem on our shields and on our souls- the silver and gold emblem of sanity, upon the platinum shield of truth, and morality.

The perfection of sanity and morality are one and the same, for to be truly moral is to be truly sane, and sanity is the mind's state which does what our mother church defines as moral, in tradition and magisterium. Let us fight our sin, by converting our desires into what they truly are, and ourselves also- and by prayer, power, love, empathy- and the realization infinite- that unwarranted mercy to oppressors, is unjust persecution of the oppressed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vatican Psychiatrist- Celebacy is a way of standing against a false view of sexuality, and marriage

(Chastity South Africa; c.f. CathNews 22/10/08; Catholic News Service 20/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Dr Manfred Lutz, psychiatrist to the Congregation for the Clergy- said that the vocation of celibacy is not only at utmost a practice required in utmost necessity in the role of many within the church- but powerfully- a permanent protest against mass superficiality, within large parts of modern culture. He noted that those who cannot live chastely- should not marry. He appealed those who still do maintain otherwise- that marriage was about more than sex, and that those who view the role of a woman in a relationship as to satisfy sexual ideas- often cannot stand natural and good practices such as celibacy.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The true emotions, and feelings- to understand is to be able to control

(Chastity South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

When we are brought under the waves of sin, and feel them eat away at the breach like cold, deathly acid- we truly must know that our control of our self, and self awareness, and comprehension are intimately connected, like two souls destined to be one, yet living chastely within prayer and God.

Now the mind is not the soul, we know already that the soul is our invisible part closest to our Loving source- Life, whose being, perfection and essence, we call God.

The mind is the body- moulded by her fabric- edited by evolution, or whatever manner God made us in. Original sin does not make our deepest nature evil- rather- it causes us to weaken.

When we are fighting for breath while drowning in the oceans of temptation, and feeling a tide, not our own pulling us back out to sea- so strongly that it feels as though it were our own desire- we know intuitively if at all- that we must fight the tide least we are carried out to sea- and the subtle connection between God and soul is broken as we can no longer resonate his substance with our own.

Our war is between Reality and illusion, and so the more real we are- so also the more Godly, but when we follow desires which truly are not natural, when we endorse these illusions as though they were real and ours- we commit the sin they are named after, and become less real. We possibly only become less resonating- as with venial (Latin Venia- Forgiveness) sin. When we sin mortally- the gash is deep, and causes the connection to for all intensive purposes break.

Now- when we are tempted by this ocean of sin- let us firstly define what we truly want- what natural desires are combining, and being twisted by illusion and weakness- to appear to be a desire which is not ours.

Whether the desire for happiness- which ultimately all desires are a manifestation of, or that for comfort, or that for desire.

We look at what we truly feel and aim for her purpose- we get angry- sometimes because things are not as we believe they should be, and sometimes because it is an evolutionary desire to defend our self.

We often see people who could or have hurt us as evil- this is because our body sees that which is harmful to it as ugly, or as evil- quite naturally. It is this form of judgement, as with judging based on another's wealth- something we fear for empathy- which is so dangerous.

Now, when we define what we truly feel, and why we feel this- we do not endorse the sinful desire- and never become guilty of what sin ultimately is- treating something as something it is not!

Sometimes habits are sourced in habit- but what is the trigger, is it a wrong perception, or is it because we have lied to our body through treating something as something it is not. Seeking pleasure of a sexual nature tells our body that someone is our spouse. Human beings are designed by God for lifelong marriage.

Now, there is the false argument that what animals do is what is natural for man, but this is wrong- what animals do with temporary souls- is what is beneficial to their physical form, man has an eternal (Aeviternal technically- only God is eternal) soul, and this means his self is greater than that of an animal.

Animals eat of their own kind, rabbits commit infanticide, and hippos also.

Dogs naturally seek many partners, but only when they are on heat- what is most natural for an animal is what is most beneficial to its entirety, but animals are infinitely different from man- their current souls are temporary, like their bodies are, like our bodies are.

Man is soul and body- the soul being the invisible part of the body most like God- and it is by the actions of the body that the soul, which is part of the form is effected. Man must work forward- so as to protect his self- which is body and soul. What is natural for man is that which is of benefit to him!

Now- when faced with sin- it is not sinful to say it is this or that and resist it- and fight it- for indeed- the definitions of sin are definitions of the form illusion takes- and we define it to conquer it in the confessional, but when fighting it- it is always good to show it is not our desire, but rather an illusion that we sin in ever endorsing.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Moon and the tides, and the effect of morality, soul and form

(Journey in a Broken World, Chastity South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

When the moon rises, we watch in awe sometimes at the beauty of her reflective luminescence.

When the moon is full, or crescent, or in any part of the cycle- the tides of the blessed oceans are affected by her magnetic magic. When we look at our own effect, we must remember the moon, and how our every action indirectly affects others, and how our own glow can silently glow in the night sky, and be reflected on the waves- which hide countless creatures- some deadly, some friends of ours.

When we classify an animal as evil- we really mean that it could harm us- as people- what can harm us is inside of our evolutionary library as ugly, or as evil. What is beautiful is what seems most healthy. This is why faith saves- because a correct connection with reality- sanity as we call such- is what determines how we view our surrounds and how we also act on them.

The soul also is much like this- with God as our moon- and our soul as the magnetic field- causing the tides of sprinkling, swaying waves below to dance upon the beach, and throughout the ocean as the clock which shows us life. The body in this is the ocean- both are one phenomena- through the body- we see the magnetism of life- of our soul, yet the actions of the body are equally of this phenomena- as both are the same unit- the soul is like magnetism on the ocean of our body, and the body affects the connection the soul has with God.

Now the moon is beautiful- because it gives us light in darkness- and beauty is actually in its perfection- the measure of how useful we see something as. God therefore is utterly beautiful. When we instill morals- we are not attempting to force our morals on others- rather we acknowledge just how easily broken the connection between our body and God is, and how this connection is our soul. When we do right- the magnetism strengthens- and our unseen part which is closest to unseen God becomes a powerful channel and conduction of grace- which is in fact life, breath- into our body- so that the magnetism- the soul animates the tides, and waves- which are our seen bodies. When this connection is observed- it is so fragile and breakable- and because the magnetism is eternal, but the waves temporary-

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chastity South Africa- You are your body!

(Chastity South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Theologically- we are fully body and fully soul. The soul is the life, the body that which is given life by the soul. Before conception we have souls, life much like the animals do- temperal, not eternal- but at conception we are made permanent- aeviternal is the better word. Biblically- the soul is often used to denote the body and soul- the self of a man!

For now- our bodies are temperal- because if they were aeviternal- we would not be able to return to God. The body of a man is the only thing apart from the spiritual which can influence his soul. We cannot be saved or condemned apart from the actings of our own body. At birth- we are weakened by the lack of grace known as original sin- this is why the fear exists of many souls going straight to hell- however- in addition to our physical actions, and physical thoughts- is what we are planning to do, or would do given the chance- and this too has a ghostly effect on our lives, on our souls.

Life is more complex than many think it is- God for instance is pure Life. That means life is more than pure animation. The word animation in fact comes from the Latin word for soul- anima. We say rather- the soul and the life of a being are one thing.

When we speak of the form of one's body- we speak of something which is also utterly connected with the soul. The human person is designed that way- we interact with the world with our bodies- and are as much our body as we are our soul.

When we feel we cannot control the weakness of our body, we are lying to ourselves. Our body is ourself- we are perfectly in control when we sin. It does not make it harder or easier, but so far as we know what we are doing, know it is wrong, and are awake enough to comprehend, and alter our actions- we are responsible for our actions.

When the body has a desire- this desire is entered into with our entire self to some degree. When our desires of evil exist- we know this is purely the twisting of desires once good- but no longer so. Like the Orcs in Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings, who were once elves, and wondrous- evil is not the opposite of good- but the mutation of it- so that it is no longer as it is.

When our body has a desire- when our mind or emotions desire something- we must ask of the source of it- if the source is the same as the desire, and it is good- perhaps we have found the source- otherwise- when a desire is evil- the body does not desire something evil- even as the mind might be disposed by our past, or weakness to believe that it desires evil. It rather- either continues old habits, or believes lies we have told it, or tells us something we misunderstand, or take too heavily.

When we desire to do evil- we must view the good which has been twisted, and maligned into this desire- we must endorse this good, and focus on our breathing, and on the good- and purposely manifest the good desire apart from the evil we have been deluded into thinking is our body's desire, and push the evil desire away- be enlarging the good- and by prayer, sacraments- and the purpose of good.

Desires, and actions are not the same thing. To endorse a desire however is an action, and to fight one also is. To have an evil desire is only sin- if we do not immediately try to combat it when we realize what is happening in some valid extent. Not every desire should be acted on- for instance- the body might desire more food - having already eaten- but this is because we have lied to it, by eating too much in the past, or simply the natural desire to preserve the body's life. All desires should be dealt with in right proportion, some followed, some avoided.

When we next are tempted to sin- we must realize, we are not purely spiritual, we are also physical- otherwise we could not be judged on physical actions we take.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Overcoming sin- and the natural which has been twisted into evil by evil!

(Journey in a Broken World; Chastity South Africa; South African Catholic)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Often- when evil tries to overcome me- I have a method which works- I try to see what desire has been twisted by evil against me. Pure evil doesn't exist- it only has power in twisting good.

Now- when it is pride- we realize the true emotion twisted is love of God, and care of self, and self esteem in proportion- realizing this- we endorse the true desires- and when evil is weak enough, or rather- when the good still is fighting- then this rids us of the evil, which somehow withers and dies.

We need firstly to change the evil desire into the good one- to straighten the broken tree's stem, to fix a broken spinal cord, through forcing the broken back into the place it is meant to exist!

Now, sometimes this does not work- and so we sit- trying to wait out the evil of sin- and fight strong desires, as though we were fighting a disease. Unfortunately, of human force alone, such force not always works- we tire quickly and are met again when weaker- which is why often sacraments are such power- and the realization that we can wait it out... in this, however we tire- and often start asking God in prayer- why we cannot have the evil wish we desire, even ask for lifting of the moral obligation- for some excuse to be doing good. Evil has no substance, except in that which is good.

In this- we feel almost electric power, and irritation enter us- as we either give into it, and find we are weaker the next skirmish, or else- try our hardest, and find we have already fallen- or manage to get through it, desperately praying- knowing it will come back again, having weakened us sufficiently.

At this point- we realize that the true desire- ours for whatever it is has ceased to be, or if it hasn't- we perhaps have tried very hard to feed the true desire which has been twisted, and justly we have tried to fight the other- and as yet have not succeeded. Now- if we resist, we are given the grace to do so- but surely- how do we win..?

The desire below is natural- it is ours, is it not- but this other desire- where does it come from, is it not the mutation of the desire we truly have, or had- is it not alien, foreign..?

We are fighting a desire, which is not natural, for sin is insanity, and is not ours- it is alien- so why should we at all be obligated to follow something that is neither sane, nor ours. We calmly must determine not to follow it- to say no to it- and to lower ourselves in our souls. We then begin to pray about this foreign desire within- to saints such as Philomena- and give our bodies over to them to cure, all the while determined to attend the next possible confession.

We realize the desire is not ours- and so we ignore it- like an aggressive tyrant without any power. It is not ours, it is not of our self... it is foreign, and we reject it utterly.

In this- we acknowledge not only the foreignness of this desire- but also the natural desire below, which has been mutated, and we determine to live in better balance with this and to admit it as truth, as truth will set you free. Of course- if our world-view is wrong, if we believe that those things forbidden by Mother Church are natural- then we might as well not even attempt to fight- we must win through submittal to morality and to truth- as the natural means.

Only evil tries to justify that actings of man which are not natural, nor sane.

Good attempts to cure them, or to manage them so as to stop evil triumphing.
That which is moral- is the boundary and fullness of that which is natural.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pope Remembers Pope John Paul I- Emphasises Humility

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. CathNews 29/09/08; Catholic News Service 28/09/08; AsiaNews 28/09/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Yesterday- Pope Benedict XVI, on the thirtieth anniversary of Pope John Paul I's death- recognised that people will remember the man for his humility- something both think vital to Christian faith. Pope John Paul I only lived for 33 days as pope- but is remembered for his smiles, and his Humility, a virtue he emphasized in his Motto: the Latin : "Humilitas", which he took from Saint Charles Borromeo(CathNews 29/09/08;), a sixteenth Century Archbishop.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Overcoming lust- a secret guide from Chastity South Africa

(Chastity South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Firstly- let us define lust(c.f. note)-

this is the seeking of sexual pleasure apart from either its unitive or its procreative properties. I.e. anything outside of a marriage between one man and one woman- who are open to life in their actions.

Natural Family Planning is included in this- chastity that is (so long as it isn't for selfish reasons)- as it follows natural patterns and is natural- and actually asked of the Israelites in Levitical Law (Leviticus chapter 15 verse 24)and therefore is not lust...

Now, when we lust- sometimes we focus on the form of the body- but Michael Angelo's David is not evil or pornographic- nor much of Christian art. That made to incite lust- or viewed to incite lust, or which shows what should be a private act to the world becomes sinful- and lust- but lust is not an interest in the sexual form- rather- what is sinful is to look at anything with the intent of doing a lustful action with it. Jesus notes this when he says looking at a woman with lust is adultery.

So- how does one overcome it- well- one can be freed from it in confession- but every sin is still a risk- what we- since writing on all sin as insanity- have realized- is that lust is the twisting of a good, natural, God given desire into something evil- whenever we are tempted in lust- we must look deep, and ask why- what causes it- is it the desire to marry a beautiful lady (or man for the ladies), or to enjoy our marriage one day- but not now, or the desire for marriage or for self esteem, which has been twisted. Endorse the desire below in a godly manner- and the lust should disappear.

Remember- if we don't endorse sinful thoughts- but fight them- we hold no guilt for these- instead- when we come to our senses- we must immediately look into why, determine to confess and stop our sin- and see what role we played in it to prevent another occurance- often something caused us to fall- we need either to avoid it if it is sinful- or in a safe environment- alter these internal perceptions that cause goodness to prevent right perception and lead to sin.

Lust is always misperception of another as a tool to cure an unsatisfied desire- or else to use any tool to satisfy sexual desire without the unitive and pro-creative properties both present...

If we satisfy the root desire which has been twisted, or abused by the devil into lust- the good one- not the evil one- whether the desire to show affection, or to gain self esteem, or that for something pleasurable (though of the pleasure of praying?- but generally a desire for pleasure comes from loneliness), or a desire for companionship... if we do so in a Godly manner- lust cannot survive, as we push it out and satisfy the plant this weed tries to cling to... and destroy the heinous weed of lust...

In all of these- the saints all hear and desire to be our guides and companions- loneliness is a terrible thing- but God intended us for happiness- and he is the first step to gaining companions- and love, and truth- for every friend we lose for him- he pays us back a million times in this world and the next- now this is what the bible says- of renouncing evil...

So- when lust tries to take you- start to pray to a saint- be sure to ask why you desire this- and do not listen to sinful excuses- look below and endorse the desire you have neglected- which evil is taking advantage of- and ask yourself what you would do if a Godly person were to see your actions and be dismayed- would you hide them- or does your mind reply-

"who cares- that is their problem"

Now, if one says this- and this is of a Godly person- and one is not saying- I will prevail in good nonetheless- because we are speaking of a Godly person- nor are we saying- I will try help them understand- because this is us speaking of what sinful and such a reply is not appropriate.

In this scenario, are we justifying our actions- or are we concerned as to heal our neighbor from perceiving us as evil? Now this only is when our neighbor is Godly.

So often- when in sin- the church and saints look scary- and we turn from them, or think chastity is impossible- or that we must only do this or that to prove we are not in lust- but the saints and the sacrament of penance (Gospel of John chapter 20 verse 23) are often our only recourse- and not sinning is always an option to us children of truth- God promised strength in temptation if we choose his path.

Remember- acting in lust, such as foreplay, like French Kissing outside of marriage (c.f. Saint Thomas Aquinas- Summa Theologica- "Parts of Lust"), makes the body believe another is your spouse- after-all- God created us for marriage- not lust- and so it thinks you cruel to do otherwise- unless you strictly discipline it. I have also seen men wearing women's clothing- even Catholics- this too is lust, or at least provoking others to it- to which on seeing such people- I have made a cruel* joke to them before- to demonstrate that they are aiding sins along... however much fun they are having being silly at events- it is the same sort of events for which God desecrated the people of Canaan- and asked the Israelites to stone such men. Wearing women's clothing is only acceptable with a valid reason- such as fleeing enemies...

Overcoming lust by self mortification- fasting and thinking of what one has done, or hurting one's self in tactical ways while thinking of one's sin, or smelling something horrid while thinking of one's sin- or placing one's feet in hot (not dangerously so)water- while thinking of what one has done- and then also confessing it- whether thoughts or actions- truly can destroy lust or many other sins quite quickly- and Pavlo's dog agrees.

Self mortification is not strange- in fact- Catholics are required to abstain from meat (not fish- but also from expensive fish and shellfish)on Fridays- although some Dioceses have permitted this to be supplemented with charitable actions on Fridays outside of Lent, where it is generally compulsory.

Once one overcomes sin-

From that point on- prayer- and the trick of finding what desire has been twisted into evil, along with the constant threat of mortification- and an understanding of whether an action is selfish or not- and constant desire to ask the saints for help can aid tremendous amounts... remember also- that reading a Catholic bible, or Godly Catholic article, or prayer- and determining to hear God, and wait this sin out can also aid. Never think something odd is necessary- always follow intuition and God- and be careful when passions and emotion takes you- try to ask why it is so- and if the reason is just- by all means allow emotion- but let the rational mind rule- and always remember how strict, but merciful God is- he condemns a good man who turns evil in his last years, and forgives a prostitute who has just confessed to the priest, and repented (or who has determined to join the faith- whereby it would take a while until her first confession).

Remember- the church is your doctor- your priest your spiritual healer- he is bound to secrecy in confession.

Note: this article covers the Catholic view. No insult is meant to non-Catholics- however- as a Catholic news service- we should be expected to speak sometimes in Catholic Jargon- and not have the same view of words as others.

* I simply pointed out to the people I spoke to- that their actions might be cruel to those who would be affected by it, something as straight persons, such as I also am- they would not desire- I in no way was mean to them- but often people don't realize the impact they could have, and the hurt they could cause those in sin- or with evolutionary lacks that cause them not to desire certain things that the advancement of the species requires- and I enjoy humour as a tool to aid people. To me this action is on level with harming others like tempting someone who compulsively steals- as my morality sees such actions as wrong- even as the mind may be affected to desire wrong things- I think tempting another into what my church calls a mortal sin is also wrong- especially when done by those not under such.

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