Sunday, August 1, 2010

What is want to God? What is your death, christian fool!

Note by Marc Aupiais

What you want does not matter,
Realise truth as the desert sands swirl, and destroy.

What you desire, is hardly a concern,
It means little if anything,
It isn't even what you really desire,
You don't know what you want,
You are a fool,
Worse than an infant,
Less intelligent than a donkey,

Ask your self what you want, then look back a bit,
Say: why: why do I really want this?
Ask: what lead to this:
What did I want when I decided I want this?

Simply because a line of thought is no longer popular, does not make it wrong,
Popularity of thought, is as pointless as fashion.
You don't want what they say you want,
They don't especially know you,
Not more than God,
And they only want to destroy you.

Anyone can follow fashion- few ever learn style.

Ask what you wanted, realise your deep despair and loneliness,
Know why you sin,
Why you store up what is not yours,
You infinite fool,
You finite idiot.

Why would God help you if you don't trust him?
You have a duty to yourself,
But not in sin.

You will die by tomorrow's noon,
In this dark evil night.

But some raise again in dawn not dark

[Analysis of today's Gospel and readings brought here by Chastitysa and Tempest and the Hurricane, by Marc Aupiais]

Friday, July 30, 2010

Gigaba to fast-track porn law | DefenceWeb

Note by Marc Aupiais

"Deputy Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba intends to fast-track the passage of a yet-to-be drafted law that will compel Internet service providers (ISP) to filter content provided to users to ensure it does not contain any pornography South African Press Association reports the Film and Publication Board (FPB), an agency of the dysfunctional Department of Home Affairs, held a symposium this week to look at ways of protecting children from porn. "Despite recent amendments of the law and other efforts to stop the devastating effect on children of their access to pornography, it's not enough," FPB legal affairs manager Dumisani Rorwana said in a statement yesterday. "The law as it stands is not working, so we've no choice but to take it to the next level." Technology had advanced to a point where ISPs would be able to filter out around 95% of the content in a "highly cost-effective way", he said. Similar programmes to safeguard children from pornography were currently in place in China, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. "We expect resistance from those who claim the freedom to access pornography as a fundamental right," Rorwana said."However, it is well established in legal circles that the rights of children are paramount. By comparison, viewing pornography remains a peripheral right." Gigaba would now meet with his counterparts at Cabinet level to determine where the bill would best fit. The symposium also agreed on the need to block certain gaps in the broadcasters' code that had seen instances of "unsuitable content being aired during the past few months going unpunished", Rorwana said. "

While the "Freedom of Expression Institute" claims that there are lessor means of blocking such as parental blocking software, the fact is porn can easily be bought elsewhere. The Internet is the public realm. And the restriction in my opinion will stand firm. Australia is also pursuing something similar. It will certainly benefit productivity, and parental software is a civil means not a legal means. This law would be good in supporting the measures in the 2007 amendment on sexual offences, which has already been violated by tv services.

Google claims that the system being fronted in Australia might make internet slightly slower. Google makes about a third of their profits from porn searches or a similar figure.

Software is actually able to recognise sexually explicit images on the internet. South Africa already has an effective internet firewall allegedly of course. Freedom of speech is not absolute. Rights of children are paramount. Child porn is justly restricted and banned by legislation despite what the CC calls the constitutional right to it. This would fall into the same category.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I couldn't help myself

Article by Marc Aupiais

What does that phrase denote? Helplessness, or giving up! It denotes giving up! Not- I failed at helping myself- but a statement of despair- I couldn't! Even if it is said with joy- it admits something! That we should help ourselves! To not help ourselves to sin, but to do righteousness, in any case! It is always choice! Laugh at sin! Try! Laugh at what it suggests. If you say: I don't want to! That is the key! I - ego- me! Choice!

Benedictine French Catholic nuns, make music album

Location: Avignon, France

(Chastity South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Catholic spirituality is increasingly being latched onto by the music industry, and not simply in the sacrilegious sense, although Universal Records was very likely part of that sense, being the label of Lady Gagga, and Amy Winehouse. With the success of the Priests, and other albums, Universal went looking for nuns. The Benedictines won't be touring the world, they are secluded, and will remain that way until death, in their one little monastery, which proceeds from the album would help. The record label had to give the cameras and equipment to the nuns for the exercise. They also simply saw it as moire daily prayer, and as helping people to pray or find God. These nuns certainly won't be gaining riches even if their monastery is kept open for years to come due to the exercise.

Given that Catholic monks created the concept of written music, this is a beautiful turn-around trend. That said, I won't personally be buying their album, I'm still just a little suspicious of Universal Music, after all they are the one's who produced the alleged "papal" cd 05 / 08 | August / 2009, by buying recordings of the pope and mixing it up a bit. Even if this record is by Decca Records, not Geffen, both owned by the same company.

Abbaye de Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation outside Avignon, certainly could remind one of the Sound of Music, much more than the nuns who have opened a massage parlour in Great Britain.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

I’m just…. [a story of truth, honesty and true embarrassment]

Location: Gauteng, South Africa

(Chastity South Africa)

Article originally appeared at:

Marianna Irene Kalabakas's blog:

Article by Marianna Irene Kalabakas

Have you ever found yourself in a position, where you pretend to be something, your not? Where you lie to the one you love because you just don’t think you are good enough for them? What about the times you do something that is morally wrong, yet you do it for all the wrong reasons, just to get their attention?

Sometimes you find yourself in a position you’ve never been before. You need advice. Your friend seems to just know a bit about the situation you in, or might of the opposite sex, someone that might have some sort of insight as to what to do when it comes to them. But what if, you end up doing what they tell you to do in that situation? What if you do it and in the end you feel so guilty that you want to crawl in a hole and disappear never to be seen by that person again. Don’t get me wrong, getting your friends advice is absolutely fine, but following it to the letter…perhaps not such a great idea.

If you think about it, lets say you really like someone. You don’t know what to send in the message to them, you think your friend who does have a stable relationship might know what you should do. So you send the message they advise, and you realize that you just made a fool of yourself. It might even work and you end up living a lie with the individual thinking that you had the courage to say such a thing. But what if it has the opposite effect? What if that silly little message that was meant to help the situation made things so much worse that you doubt you would be able to fix the situation and that, that half a chance you had just got ruined? What if you seem so desperate that they just want to get rid of you that they scold you? In all the above situations you can say that you just did not follow your intuition, that you just rushed things and didn’t let fate sort it out. Sometimes after that situation and your feelings so strong, you can do nothing else but wish upon a star and anything else that just might change things.

What about the times you lie to the one you love cause you think they wont accept you for you? You know deep down they will find out but you do it anyway, just so they can look at you, then you really loose your chance, then the possibility of actually sorting things out is very unlikely.

What about the times you do something your friend does, like make out with someone you shouldn’t just to make your ex jealous? You end up getting a bad name. As for that friend, its best to stay away from them your reputation goes down the drain with theirs. You end up being pulled into because they making out with someone they don’t even know.

Basically, love and life is like your very own book. You write what has already happened, the rest of it you finish off yourself. If your friends try help and solve it, the story…just wont end up how you want it to. Take your friends advice just make sure it doesn’t contradict your own ideas, cause it might complicate things. No matter what be yourself, and if your ideas don’t work, you might find someone that they will work on. Every chance you get at love is a learning experience so as to not make the same mistake again, provided you open yourself to love and be loved.

About the author (by Marc Aupiais ):

Marianna Irene Kalabakas, is Greek Orthodox by faith, a non-Catholic religion which maintains the apostolic line, and a supporter of the African National Congress's leader Jacob Zuma, in contrast to our editor's support of the Southern Hemisphere liberal, Northern Hemisphere conservative Democratic Alliance (DA). She is currently studying a bachelor of laws at the University of the Witwatersrand. She writes from life experience and from theory, and her views may be looked at, at her blog:

Editor's note: I personally find her views interesting and intriguing and well written in a fun way to read, even if I sometimes disagree deeply with her point of view on matters, we both understand the importance of academic freedom, at least as far as having differing views from one another goes. I also find that our religions' similarities and difference often are what shifts our views on life and politics, I read almost everything Marianna writes. Even if as a Catholic I must oppose the ANC and some other things she has shown support for. She is a very capable student of life.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chastity and lust: a guide on lust for the scrupulous

(Chastity South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

What is lust: is loving beauty, breathing it in, holding the breath, and loving it? Surely, no: this is not the pursuit of sexual pleasure outside of the correct context and disposition. it is not the pursuit of sexual pleasure, but of beauty. Is love of the human form such: but this is not the case: Michael Angelo's art: Catholic art proves this. To draw in strength from a woman one loves: this is not lust, and to mildly admire the human form, is also not lust.

To sculpt the human form, is not lust either: but to cause another to sin by one's sculpting, is sin.

Should one marry, intending to use contraception, one very likely does not marry. To have sex with one's wife: using such methods: this is lust: yet not so with merely admiring beauty: least one admires it, as to endorse desires to take it as a substance for one's sexual pleasure, or sexually achieved purposes: apart from the context in which this is lawful within Catholic morality.

The use of the sexually purposed organs, so classified from their design, or the stimulation of sexual pleasure in such manner; apart from the correct context, is mortal sin: including certain actings taken upon by men: who chose to simulate something apart from the marital act. This is to do so with a false, non-existent woman: and while born of loneliness: is in fact selfish, and an insult against the wife, or future wife, or possible wife. To spill a certain substance, from one's self, into, or onto something other than the place for it: is sinful. In fact, to purposely do so: is an act of intrinsic evil": in catholic morality.

Pornography: this is lust, as it involves fantasies and thoughts, or the endorsement of some desires which are unlawful: or exposes the sexual act, apart from its proper place: which is supposed to be the context of in privacy, within marriage, with unitive, and pro-creative properties, or else, pornography causes a view of women, sexuality, men, or the act itself; which is banal: and not the fullness of such. It is mortal sin to use or view this: even if not out of lust: as it is promoting a culture of lust, and supporting the degradation of human dignity. If not lust, it is part of the mortal matter of the sin of wrath... such against those within it, and against many additionally: it is evil.

To view another as purely a means of sexual pleasure; also is lust.

When we call prostitutes immoral, it is either because they do something unsafe, that we flee them, or that they trade sexuality for advancement, or maintenance. Trading sex for love, or for a home, or for any sort of pleasure. Prostitutes, and others: do a trade. This is why marital love must be lifelong and unconditional, not some trade: based on advancement or pleasure: otherwise, what we see as wrong as prostitution, manifests in another ways in us. Love in this form may be pleasurable, and one can love pleasure, but not so as to view the partner as simply a means to such, and not a person and, if in proportion, where maintaining, and promoting, expressing unity, and openness to childbirth, are not kept from this exchange: but to trade sexual pleasure: is a wrong reason to do so. We know it: it is why prostitution is despised...

Love in such form, as to be moral must be "selfless": and open to childbirth: this is what evolution made love for, and what God caused marriage for: selfless love, union: everlasting love: an emblem of the relations of Love Himself: of the relationship between Father and Son, which eternally spawns the Holy Spirit, begotten, but never made: having never not existed.

Their relations are not sexual, rather: it is selfless love, it is care for one another: between two persons, which are love: which spawns the third; eternally: which also is love: all as one God, three persons.

Further, love: for a child, is not only natural, it is moral: so far, as the love itself is selfless: and it can only be, if the ideals, and concerns of the two: are concerns of one body: if both are selfless: as can only occur in in this act, when in marriage: and this is the dual: reciprocal selflessness: into which children must be born: loved: cared for. That said, a lack of this is not a reason to murder the child: just as a lack of our desires is no reason to kill ourselves: a person is a person, no matter how small, and also: even when they are vulnerable to death: which makes our body a corpse, to be respected, but oft considered: a "person" no more. Love, Christian love: can only refer to selflessness. It is unconditional: and this is the place for married love.

To reduce a living, breathing, moving human form to the body, and what pleasure it can give, this is evil: it is illogical, and it is wrong, and to view a person as an object of therapeutic, or pleasure endorsing material, and in this exclude them as a person: this also is a form of lust. Yes, one may purely admire their physical beauty, yet to imagine them or long for them to do certain things outside of marriage, to to long to use their form for this: or against their will, this is mortal sin. To imagine them naked: is it not wrath: is it not violating their God given right to privacy, and protection from uncaring eyes?

So, lust, is the pursuit of sexual pleasure, apart from the selfless, eternal unity of Marriage. It is also, when this pleasure of sexual organs is pursued by those who close themselves off from childbirth. Pursuing sexual pleasure apart from the possibility of such, in a relationship, and apart from unity: this is evil: if not seemingly always the matter of mortal sin.

Should one long for marriage in the mind, one must remember not to long for sexual pleasure: but for a relationship, in which sexual pleasure is just a small part, and in which this pleasure is nothing but a reward from God: for pursuing to manifest him properly, and for pursuing unity, and family, with this act: but not sexual pleasure for sexual pleasure's sake: and that those who do so outside of such, misrepresent God as not selfless, and not life, nor open to life: they say that God does not love God: for God himself; we know eternally maintains God: via his eternal love.

One should realize that God judges both what is, and what would be. This is how those lucky: saved in Baptism of Desire (I am speaking of Lumen Gentium XVI: Vatican II's Salvation outside the visible boundary of the Sacramental Holy Roman Catholic Church): are saved: in that given the opportunity, they would seek God properly. This is also why some others are not considered saved: and why the Gospel is so important. This is also how one, repentant of their sin, on the way to confession, dying in the car: should likely also see heaven: for they would confess. This is also perhaps why: he who fantasized about certain things with a woman not his own: outside of the context of selfless married love: this man: God judges: would do as he desires should the obstacles be removed. This is also why lust is the matter of mortal Sin: it is as mortal a sin as adultery; though easier to commit: and excludes perhaps the wrath of adultery, and other sins contained in that treasury; making it possibly less grave, but still the matter of mortal sin.

Now, should a couple not be utterly selfless, this does not make their relations evil: marriage is the only way to know for sure, and if both parties understand it, have no impediment to it, and plan to lifelong enter the child rearing, unifying relation of marriage, understanding its indissolvable, eternal, and contextual nature, and able to fulfill it: the bond is created.

Still, the act itself must be pure, the spilling of seed outside its place, such as when it is not placed in a certain area of the body, of a legitimate partner, or degrading practices, or cruelty, and hatred manifest in it: should be kept away: and the act itself must be freely done: and must be open to life. Also: one should focus on both in such a thing: unity, and openness to family, and a bond for as long as both do live, and on God, also: who is Love: the nature we mimic in such. It is evil even here to pursue pleasure itself, without unity, without caring for the other, and respecting their freedom, and dignity in such.

So, lust is both the "plan", the conscious desire, the willingness: manifest in certain thoughts and endorsement of certain desires: to commit acts of lust; but also: is everything higher on such scale in this. To endorse desires for the sin of lust, is the sin of lust, this is the nature of this sin.

Kissing, outside of marriage for the sake of sensual pleasure: this is sinful: even as kissing as a sign of love, friendship, or fidelity is not: but if one kisses for physical sexual pleasure, and the other for love: is not the other allowing his fellow to sin. One must be careful with kissing: that it not be lustful, as with touching: these when outside of marriage: cannot be for pleasure, even when as signs of affection; even when pleasure is gained from such.

Actions involving certain organs: however: can only be done when the requirements for unity, and for openness to childbirth: and in marriage, and these actions can only be the actions for which God designed these organs: and not unnatural simulation of certain conditions the body is programmed to respond to. There: is not exception to some acts being sinful. Masturbation, is always evil, intrinsically evil.

The person who is raped, against their will: however, does not seem to sin, least their sin is some other action: of their own: such as willfully entering into relations with the attacker, beyond what saves the life, and "reputation" (Modern Catholic Dictionary).

Yet, many a person is sainted for dying while fighting the aggressor off: such a fight to survive is not evil, nor the fight for one's dignity, in which the life is lost in pursuit of chastity: but direct suicide to avoid rape: is sinful: in fact, in ancient Israel: the Woman had to shout for help when raped, by their law.

One; like when facing a dangerous animal, or other such things: should do what they can to protect dignity (chastity) and life. One cannot be held accountable for evil done to them: only for evil which they are responsible for. What one does out of reasonable fear for their life, often is not what they would otherwise do. Saint Philomena, was sainted: for refusing to marry the Roman emperor, and dying a horrid death, as with another: yet being a victim of violence is not one's fault. But, I am not an expert on morality in this section. The resistance required: that one be guilty of nothing when raped: is to resist internally with the will, and also: to with one's physical and moral ability as long as the life and "reputation" is not endangered to a certain, horrid extent(Modern Catholic Dictionary). Reputation, surely is not something of light matters, it is not the mere threat of the spreading of a rumor or such: but a protection on dignity; surely: in either case: I cannot explain what is meant here authoritatively: but something more vital: rape always refers to manipulation via force, or endangerment to something one values: whether life, or reputation, and endangerment into such. Rape, is not the choice of the person who is the victim, and their participation, is under extreme duress, for such is the nature of rape. Even when the victim is guilty of lust, the rapist is always guilty of rape; whether by treachery, or by force, or by manipulation, or some other means of forcing a woman to act against the will in this.

In any matter, where one is unsure: of their guilt: remember; the confessional is open: find a trustworthy, godly priest, who seems good: and anonymously confess sins when needed (Catholics, otherwise, join the church via the normal way, and confess when your first confession arrives, or be baptized if you have not been baptized in the name of the Trinity: through the church structures, unless the life is threatened: and do so always in the three Names: Father, Son and Holy Spirit). I confess regularly, at least, I have in the past: whenever one is worried, a regular period of confession: also gives more hope of salvation, if one dies before one is able to attend, as one would have attended.

Likewise: those who have certain dreams; do not sins by these, as they are asleep: yet, if they choose to bring these dreams on by fantasies being endorsed, it seems they sin. Also, dreams can be a sign of things which are wrong in the life. All sins can be forgiven: if one seeks this forgiveness in the right manner: from the One Holy Church, and from God: with repentance.

Also, when one has just awoken, or is in such state, guilt may be decreased, if they then sin, even completely: as the sleeping mind is not accountable to reason: and one cannot control such adequately: and one must willingly choose to sin, to take an unreasonable cause of action, which is an offensive action to God, to sin, and must know that they are not doing right: to be fully accountable.

As to doubt of how accountable: in most matters, regular confession can help erase fear on this.

"I may have sinned this often, but I am unsure": it is simple and easy, and can help one understand when they have sinned. Job, he offered sacrifices, even when he was unsure of sin. Once a week, or month, can be adequate, and for those who sin less: once a year: but when in mortal sin: this is inadvisable, and the quicker period is advisable. Also: using the 7 deadly sins as a format on which to accuse one's self; can simplify and quicken confession. Remember, it is sinful to accuse one's self of sins you have not done: that is why I advise: could be: but unsure: when you are not sure! Of course, sins like murder, or abortion, or such: should be confessed directly, as these can well: require a special absolution, due to the nature of the offense, and more (certainly currently, in the legal framework of today: in the case of abortion): to canon law. With a sin like abortion, or willful heresy: it is important to mention it as what it is: so as to make sure the priest has the authority given, and so that he can give a special absolution for these, as there can well be a need to do so.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chatity South Africa: Chastity is but sanity

(Chastity South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

With the manner in which the human mind is structured, and the dangers of anything sexually but for valid, loving marriage: and statistics of disease, abortion, crime, violence, economic problems and so forth, we at Chastity South Africa: would like to encourage our readers with this: Chastity is sanity: it saves the body, it saves the self, and what we call the soul. Remain chaste, it is worth it, besides: you get allot of attention, and fun debates when being publicly such!

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